Content Creator Fellowship

6 month rigorous program where you hone content skills & work on professional approach to generate business

Course Overview

You will explore all aspects of the creator economy as a content creator from brainstorming ideas to exploring platforms, understanding algorithms, connecting with your audience, and knowing their pulse to get a holistic birds-eye view.

You’ll build your network, work on soft and hard skills, understand the psyche of the Target Audience and Brands catering to them. All this will help you figure out the sweet spot that becomes "Your Zone".

Your 'action plan' will help you make and deliver content that resonates with the audience. Get people united through the feeling of building a community. Nurture and serve, leading you to create and produce results you love & believe in.

This is a unique opportunity to find and define your mojo. Specify your value proposition and metrics to help brands figure out how to collaborate with you. And work with them symbiotically on the stuff that you love doing.

Key Takeaway

Understand the difference between Audience & Community. Audience is someone who comes across your content, product, &-or offering and may get interested. Community is the subset of the audience who get invested in your content, product & offers. They are your evangelists and supporters who help you catapult to the next stage.

Brands work with influencers who will help them reach out to niche-targeted markets. For example, A diaper company collaborates with a community of young mothers. They together work on knowledge sharing & offer specific deals. Understanding this cycle and deal flow helps in positioning for success.

Perceive your niche & leverage digital platforms to build thought leadership. Even if a platform closes down in a market economy; the insights from the target audience play a critical role in pivoting.

Start with baby steps and grow along the process. Establish yourself as the leader you've always dreamed to become.

Course Description

Vasishta & Vineet, are core team members at the100kschool. In their career as young professionals and startup leaders, they have worked with ecosystem partners. As Startup core team members they have built & strategized community to scale.

Some other instructors jumped into freelancing in the pre-pandemic era. When their survival was at stake, they've worked to turn into profitable businesses. Their zealous stories are a great source of motivation and learning.

The core team has encountered many challenges during their career as entrepreneurs. Such that today, their experiences come in handy. That results in navigation of early challenges for an independent business professional.

We might not be promising a billion-dollar deal. But our dream is to build a community that enables creators to collaborate, learn and grow. The idea is to get a cumulative billion-dollar transaction within the first three years.