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Our Accelerator focuses on uplifting Content Creators and Influencers. We help you create all kinds of content and ensure you build a sustainable long-term business out of it.
Make your content creator journey a cakewalk, onboard clients, and earn great money with us.

Content Design Coaching

Raw Talent becomes invincible once it's forged. Transform your creative skills into becoming more appealing and meaningful for the industry.

Technical Upskilling

Learning a new tool equals a huge task once you are grappling with different aspects of your business. Make it fun and easy! learn with the cohort how to set your systems in place and help yourself build, track, manage tasks and deals.

Business Mentoring

The instructors & coaches have gone through this process and it's called experience. Why not learn from the best, synthesize their experience and make new mistakes. Lessen your time to reach your first 100k!

1 on 1 Consulting

What does a successful athlete, dancer, or singer have in common? They all have coaches. People who guide and train them so they perform their best. Likewise, these sessions will help you understand your business nuance in the Creator Economy.

Leadership Development

Whether we like it or not, the decisions we make have repercussions. By being responsible and accepting towards the outcome we become good leaders. In this cohort, this gets multiplied as a no. of peers work together closely.

Deal Flow Management

Cash flow in your business determines survival & thriving. And Deal Flow is the lifeline for this Cash flow. Understand Deal Flow and your business challenges are sorted.

What is The100KSchool

Content Creator to Entreprenuer‚Äč

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Why The100KSchool

Build your creative Career & make Money

It starts as interest turns into passion. The transformation through collaboration leads to an individual making impacts on the world.
This process speeds up and earns you sweet fruits sooner. When professionals at 100kschool guide & handhold in your entire journey.
As raw material gets shaped into the finished product. Raw talent needs to get shaped in the direction it intends to grow. Through molding with discipline and dedication, it becomes unbeatable.
At the100kschool, aspiring content creators transform into independent professionals. Who leverage their creativity and build their businesses.
Your trip to Maldives or Macau should not be restricted by time or money...

Plan & Go get it...

As you start delivering results and build credibility. While enjoying the process of working from anywhere in your zone.
Everything starts with 100K

Experience Speaks for Itself as Data dosen't lie

Get better choice of course, learning and hands-on workshop. Free consultation sessions are available.

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Who make up The100KSchool

Meet your Coaches

Shraddha Bhalla
Head of Content & Social at SocialTribe.co
Vanshika Mehta
Branding & Communication Strategist & Consultant
Vashita Madan
Associate Communications Manager at Blue Banyan
Saswat Sahu
Podcaster @ Saas It Up
Neeti Sansare
Founder Audstory
Harshala Chavan
Founder Merrative
Rupak Shah
Co-Fonder - LearnAur